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Types of 18 Wheeler Trucks

18-Wheeler Accidents

An "18-wheeler" is a type of commercial truck that is made of up a tractor and a trailer with a combined total of 5 axles and 18 wheels, hence the term "18-wheeler". These motor vehicles are also referred to as tractor-trailers, big rigs, Mack trucks and semi-trucks.

Some of the most common types of 18 wheelers include:

  • Auto Transportation Truck
  • Box Truck
  • Bucket Truck
  • Bus Truck
  • Dump Truck
  • Flatbed Truck
  • Lowboy Truck
  • Refrigerator Truck
  • Tanker Truck

The tractor part of the vehicle, which houses the engine and driver, has 3 axles. The front axle has 2 wheels and each of the 2 rear axles has tandem wheels, or 4 wheels per axle. The tractor therefore has 10 wheels. The trailer typically has 2 sets of tandem axles at the rear, making a total of 8 wheels on the trailer. With the 10-wheel tractor and 8-wheel trailer, you then have a vehicle with 18 wheels. The tandem wheels and double axles on 18-wheelers make them able to carry extremely heavy loads.

Help for Victims of 18-Wheeler Crashes in Oklahoma

The legal limit in our state is 80,000 pounds as the gross vehicle weight, but an 18-wheeler may travel the roads with a heavier load if a special permit is obtained. The extreme size and weight of an 18-wheeler make it potentially deadly for any passenger car or light truck occupant. The smaller object in any collision will sustain the most damage, and that is true in an 18-wheeler accident as well.

Immediately contacting an accident attorney is important if you were injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler. You may have the right to significant financial compensation for your injuries, but without proper legal counsel you may find that your ability to recover the money you need is limited.

Contact an Oklahoma City trucking accident lawyer from our team at the Law Offices of Stipe & Belote today to learn how you can seek fair compensation.

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