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What are some of the dangers associated with oil drilling?

Oil drilling presents various dangers to a worker. The extremely loud noise of operating oil rigs makes communication difficult and notification of a hazardous situation hard to convey. The work itself is physically taxing and extremely dirty. Heavy machinery is involved, making the possibility of being caught in machinery or hit by moving parts a risk. Finally, workers are dealing with oil, a substance that is highly flammable, contributing to the possibility that a fire or explosion may occur.

What should I do if I'm injured at an oil field?

If you sustain an oil field injury, it is important to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. It is also important to immediately notify your supervisor. You need to inform your employer of the incident within 40 days to help ensure you can recover any workers' compensation benefits you may be entitled to. It is also important to consider involving an attorney as early in the process as possible. You may have the right to recover a significant amount of financial compensation, and an Oklahoma City oil field injury attorney can ensure that all potential resources are looked at to maximize your recovery.

What are some of the types of potential oil field or oil drilling accidents?

There are many different types of oil drilling accidents. These may involve dangerous equipment, falls from oil derricks, slip and fall accidents, pipeline blowouts, toppling freight from delivery vehicles, injuries from falling tools or pipes and fatal injuries and accidents.

What is my case worth?

The value of a claim or lawsuit related to an Oklahoma City oil field injury will vary depending on the nature of the incident and extent of injury sustained. It will also depend on the types of compensation that may be available, under workers' compensation or personal injury law. A lawyer can evaluate your particular case to determine its true value.

Do I need a lawyer?

Attempting to recover fair compensation for an oil drilling accident claim can be extremely difficult if you do not have the proper experience and knowledge regarding this topic. A lawyer will understand how to properly file your claim and then work to fully protect your interests through the entire process to ensure that you are not taken advantage of by your employer or the insurance company.

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