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Workers' compensation questions pertain to the legal and financial aspects of workplace-related injuries and illnesses. These inquiries typically involve understanding the process of filing claims, receiving medical treatment, and obtaining compensation for lost wages during recovery.

How do I know if I'm entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits?

In Oklahoma, virtually all employers are required to provide workers' compensation coverage to employees who sustain on-the-job injuries. There are a few exceptions, but chances are that if you have been injured in any type of work-related accident or other incident that was related to the performance of your job duties that you will be covered. An Oklahoma City workers' comp lawyer can review your particular case to determine what benefits you may be entitled to.

What benefits may I be entitled to?

Depending on the case, you may be able to receive workers' compensation benefits for medical expenses and loss of earnings associated with your work injury if you are temporarily or permanently disabled and unable to return to work.

What types of medical expenses are covered by workers' compensation?

According to the Oklahoma Department of Labor website, an injured worker may be entitled to "reimbursement for all reasonable and necessary medical treatment resulting from an on-the-job injury…" This may include medical treatment, medication, medical supplies, hospitalization and travel expenses to and from doctor visits.

What if I cannot return to work immediately?

If you are unable to return to work for at least three calendar days, you may be able to receive temporary benefits. If you are permanently disabled, the benefits you are entitled to will vary depending on your average weekly wage, the state's average weekly wage and the extent of your disability.

What types of incidents are covered by workers' compensation?

Any accident that occurs at work, any injury related to the performance of your job duties and any injury that results from exposure to toxins or other hazardous conditions at work may be covered by workers' compensation, regardless of fault. The only exception may be if the worker was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident. To find out if your injury is covered, we recommend talking to a workers' compensation attorney at our Oklahoma City law firm.

How soon do I need to inform my employer of a work-related injury?

You need to inform your employer within 30 days of the accident or injury, or you may lose your right to seek workers' comp benefits.

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