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Did you or a loved one sustain broken bones or multiple bone fractures in an accident? An attorney at our firm can help. We represent injury victims in all types of claims related to broken bone injuries, including car accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

Injuries involving broken bones or fractures may have varying impacts on victims. Non-displaced fractures are the least serious of all broken bones and involve injuries where the broken parts do not separate from one another.

A fracture of this kind may heal without lasting consequences within about 6 weeks, depending on the extent of fracture.

Severely broken bones where the parts have separated from one another or where parts of the bone are literally crushed may require extensive medical treatment, surgery and physical therapy and may have lasting consequences for a victim. Severely broken bones may forever impact a victim's ability to walk, perform certain fine motor skills or partake in the activities he or she once enjoyed.

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In handling a personal injury claim that involves broken bones, we will take care to thoroughly evaluate the particular extent of injury and impact this will have on our client's life. We do this to ensure we can properly determine and then prove the true worth of the injury claim. Although no amount of money could possibly compensate a person for having experienced traumatic injuries, it can make a significant difference in his or her peace of mind in knowing that all medical care and other injury-related expenses or losses are provided for.

Contact an Oklahoma City injury attorney from Law Offices of Stipe & Belote to discuss your options to pursue compensation!

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