Woman Hit By Loomis Armored Truck Files Personal Injury Lawsuit

In Willis v. Loomis Armored US LLC ( CJ-2015-142), the victim of a serious car accident caused by a Loomis driver has won a large verdict with the help of our team of OKC personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Stipe & Belote.

The incident that led to the lawsuit against Loomis occurred when Ms. Willis was driving eastbound on highway 62. The Loomis truck was attempting to cross all four lanes of highway 62 and pulled in front of Ms. Willis. Her car slammed into the side of the Loomis truck. Ms. Willis has the right-of-way. The driver was brand new to the company and had only been on the job for 3 days. He was trusted to drive the truck in question, though he had not yet undergone the training necessary to properly operate the large, armored company vehicle.

The evidence in the case proved that Loomis Armored US LLC failed to adequately train and supervise their driver, resulting in costly damage and personal harm to Ms. Willis.

Loomis filed an offer to confess judgment before the trial in the amount of $200,000. However, with the help of our Oklahoma City personal injury attorneys, the jury in this case awarded Ms. Willis $1,125,000 in damages. The verdict of $1,125,000 included economic damages of $125,000 and non-economic damages of $1,000,000. The jury and the judge made a finding of gross negligence, so the cap on non-economic damages was lifted, allowing Ms. Willis to collect compensation proportionate to her suffering and injuries.

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