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Medical Malpractice FAQ

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How do I know if I was the victim of medical malpractice?
Although the answer to this question will vary depending on the particular circumstances of your case, the treatment you received and the injury you sustained, a good rule of thumb is this: did the doctor provide you with the same level of care that another doctor would have in the same or similar situation? If the doctor provided you with substandard care or treatment, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice suit.

Who can I hold accountable?
Most often the party to sue in a medical malpractice case will be the physician, nurse or doctor who caused your injuries. In some cases the facility where the incident occurred may also be held accountable.

Why are medical malpractice claims so complex?
Medical malpractice claims are technical in nature. Your attorney will need to prove that you received substandard medical care, but this can be difficult because this is a highly technical field. Gathering evidence against the doctor from medical records and testimony from other professionals is tricky. It is estimated that doctors and hospitals win approximately 80% of malpractice cases that are tried to verdict.

How long do I have to file a lawsuit?
You have 2 years to file a medical malpractice claim in Oklahoma, from the date that the injury occurred. In some cases you may only have 1 year.

What types of damages will be awarded?
You may be able to receive money for medical expenses, future medical treatment, lost wages, loss of future earnings, emotional trauma, pain and suffering and possibly more. The value of your case will vary depending on the extent of injury sustained.

Why should I involve a lawyer?
Oklahoma City medical malpractice cases can be difficult to handle, particularly if you do not have the legal experience to understand the process of filing the claim or the access to expert witnesses and other professionals who will be needed to build a compelling case on your behalf. A competent lawyer can handle all of this for you while seeking maximum compensation for your injuries.

Contact an Oklahoma City medical malpractice lawyer at our law offices to get more answers to your specific questions about your case.

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