Birth Injury Claims and Lawsuits in Oklahoma City

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When any health care professional fails to provide proper treatment or care to a mother or baby during pregnancy, labor or delivery, the results may be catastrophic. Parents may be suddenly placed in a position they never imagined, worrying about their child's medical care and whether they will lead a normal life. Cerebral palsy, paralysis, Erb's palsy, developmental delays and mental retardation - these are all medical issues that may be related to birth injuries.

Did your child sustain a birth injury of any kind? Review your legal options with an Oklahoma City personal injury attorney at our law offices. We can offer you valuable insight into this sensitive, complex matter.

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Because the potential for injury exists in any childbirth, even in the absence of malpractice or negligence, handling a birth injury claim may present particular difficulties. Your attorney will need to prove that the doctor, nurse or other medical professional responsible for your child's injuries actually failed to provide a proper level of care or treatment. It is necessary to prove medical malpractice in order to win the case. This is where working with an experienced attorney is essential. With the proper resources to fully investigate the matter and build a strong case on your behalf, a lawyer at the Law Offices of Stipe & Belote can provide you with the level of legal help you need.

We know that dealing with the aftermath of a birth injury is a traumatic experience. We are here to guide you through the process of taking legal action against the responsible medical professional or facility so you can focus on spending time with your loved ones. We believe in seeking justice on a client's behalf so they can dedicate their energy to healing and moving on to face brighter futures. Click here to contact our offices.

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